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Fighting “City Hall” is no fun. If you’ve ever had a legal encounter with a government agency — be it city, county, state or federal — you know how frustrating bureaucratic red tape can be. Still, it’s possible to enjoy the adventure by playing the same Boondoggle Games government is notorious for perpetrating.

You can’t change City Hall, whether you are trying to do business with it or are employed by it, but you can change your attitude. A positive attitude can stave off broken relationships, premature stroke, or even death due to unnecessary agency - induced frustration.

This little book is the result of my own survival technique, and I hope it helps you win against City Hall in your own case. This is a general overall look at standard operating delay tactics known as “boondoggles,” so you must creatively adapt your own approach to fit your own problems and situation.

Boondoggles are not confined to City Hall. Such stall – and – delay techniques are operable on all levels of society, including in one’s personal family life. They are summarized by the old advice given by experts on etiquette about answering ticklish questions:

Don’t say yes; don’t say no; say maybe — and then never give a final answer.

Or, to put it more bluntly: Keep them waiting until they go broke, give up, move on, lose interest, or die.

Whether you win money is not the point; coming out of your ordeal with a sense of humor, good


will and health are paramount. So, since there’s a strong chance you, too, are the victim ofboondoggling, or will be in the future, let’s get started. Enjoy the challenge. It could save your sanity and life, just as it did mine.

The secret is to practice this old adage: If you can’t fight them, join them.

In other words, learn as much as you can about the Boondoggle Game and then use that knowledge to your own advantage. To be, or not to be, a Boondoggler? That is the question! (If you are interested in my personal experiences which led to the writing of this little book, and the $91,000 I finally got from City Hall, please turn to the Epilogue at the end of the book. It reveals how Wanda Sue Parrott became author Edgar Allan Philpott. And why.)

~ Wanda Sue Parrott (aka Edgar Allan Philpott)

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