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Playing Possum - by Emery L. Campbell - $12.95

Emery L. Campbell creates poetic magic in this charming children’s story translated from the 19th century Latin-English poem, “Carmen Possum.” Two boys and their hound dog go hunting through a snowy landscape to catch a possum prize—but they are not prepared for the trick played on them by this crafty little marsupial. Playing Possum is adorably illustrated with original artwork by Maureen “Moe” Paccione.

Amazon purchasing link:  Playing Possum

Too Close to the Sun - by Laureen Kruse Diephof - $18

Too Close to the Sun tells the story of how a Dutch boy, Wim Diephof, becomes a man during World War II. He demonstrates through his participation in the Dutch resistance how a normal transition from teenage years to manhood turns out to be a daunting journey. During the coldest winter in years, known as the Hunger Winter of Holland, Wim and his best friends face gnawing hunger and the perils of a world at war. As he makes courageous attempts to find food, and deal with his concerns for his family, Wim learns about forgiveness and sacrifice along the stormy path to adulthood.

Amazon purchasing link:  Too Close to the Sun

A Series of Adjustments - by William Walter Foskett - $16

Intelligent, illegitimate, a young boy named Hank overcomes challenges as he blossoms under the guidance of his adoptive, single mother, and ultimately defends her honor while discovering the love of his life.

Amazon purchasing link:  A Series of Adjustments

Heaven on 9/11 - by William Walter Foskett - $12

Jesus, Mohammad and other historic figures - including Caesar, Charlemagne, Cleopatra, Machiavelli, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Herodotus, Thucydides, Suleyman I, Saladin, Mother Teresa, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Muir, and Constantine - review the atrocity.

Amazon purchasing link:  Heaven on 9/11

Rattles - by William Walter Foskett - $15

Adventure, adversity, and antiquities confront Emily who lives in the American Southwest with a family dominated by a mean stepfather but loving mother. Emily has a fine intellect and willingness to fight for her rights, but can she thrive against such hard odds? Or will she find that discovered treasures contain hidden dangers?

Amazon purchasing link:  Rattles

Iron Lotus - by Sumi Sevilla Haru - $15

This is an inspiring story of an Asian American woman who is an actress, television and festival producer, journalist, community leader, and the first and only Asian American to serve as Vice-President of the AFL-CIO. She has spent much of her life fighting for the rights of women of color and actors of color in the film, television, stage entertainment fields. She is proof that big things come in small packages!

Amazon purchasing link:  Iron Lotus

Going Places - by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $15

Ruth Hohberg takes her readers on a trip around the world! Her personal experiences, coupled with her keen knowledge of art, culture, and life, will entertain and educate any armchair traveler, making you think you’re right there with her! Beginning with a three-city tour of Italy in 1984, continuing across Europe, Russia, Mexico, and culminating with a week in Costa Rica in 2011, and illustrated with many of Ruth’s own photographs, her journeys are filled with historical value, both ancient and modern. This travelogue memoir is a real treasure! Bon voyage!

Amazon purchasing link:  Going Places

Here and There - by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $15

Humans have been traveling since time immemorial for different reasons. Curiosity to learn “what’s out there,” necessity, a hope for a better life, have been leading factors. Travel has brought about cross-pollination to civilizations; systems of governance, commerce, ways of doing things have evolved in response to the new brought in from somewhere else. Pleasure and educational travel are most likely more recent additions to reasons for looking beyond the immediate horizon. For much of her personal experience, Ruth Hohberg traveled with her husband Robert. There was always someone to take counsel with if in doubt about the direction to take in an airport or in a city, and someone to advise on a course of action if one of them didn’t feel up to par. Since becoming a widow and traveling solo, everything has changed. Not only does Ruth have to make directional and other on-the-spot decisions without help, but unless she meets like-minded folks in the tour group, there isn’t anyone with whom to share her impressions, leaving her to her own devices. On the surface, it’s not a big issue. Many single travelers enjoy the independence solitude provides and prefer not to be accompanied on their wanderings or interrupted in their thoughts. For Ruth, a friendly and fairly outgoing sort, the mutuality of sharing the awe-inspiring moment is important. The tours captured in this collection were taken both solo and in the company of her "travel buddies.” Join Ruth on her excursions across America. It just may inspire an “Ah, yes, I remember,” a different take on the same place, or “I’d like to go there.” Whichever it is, it will be a voyage of discovery that no one can ever take away from you.

Amazon purchasing link:  Here and There

Moments and Memories - by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $15

I share this selection of remembered experiences with the intent to amuse and, with any luck, to offer support in thorny life passages toward “the light at the end of the tunnel.” As unique as we are, we have startling similarities; we all need to be appreciated, to love and be loved, to help, and to care. At rare moments, we make a connection and understand one another deeply. Those times are memorable and amazing parts of our human experience.

Amazon purchasing link:  Moments and Memories

The View from Jerusalem - translatedby Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $12.99

Jacob “Izzy” Rabinowitz is a partner with his brothers in a successful textile firm, Feivel Rabinowitz and Sons, founded in the late 19th century in Bielitz (Bielsko), a city in Southwestern Poland. With the advent of WWII, Jacob and his family try to flee, but are intercepted and transported to Kazakhstan. With cleverness and some luck, they survive the hardships and ultimately return to the starting point after the war with the ambition to go to Palestine. Working their way through many difficulties, they reach their goal in time to see the State of Israel born. The turns in the path to survival are many; Izzy tells the tale in an accessible, conversational way that makes one want to find out more. The translator, Ruth L. Hohberg, is a grandniece of Izzy; she met him in Jerusalem in 1954. His notebooks came into her possession in the late 1990s.

(cover shown is a space-holder and may not be the final cover)

Amazon purchasing link:  Pending publication.

Vignettes from Life - by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $13

The themes cover remembered experiences from childhood, youth, and adulthood, observations regarding humanity, and ruminations on various other matters.

Amazon purchasing link:  Vignettes from Life

Witness and Survivor - translated by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg - $12.99

Jacob “Izzy” Rabinowitz is a partner with his brothers in a successful textile firm, Feivel Rabinowitz and Sons, founded in the late 19th century in Bielitz (Bielsko), a city in Southwestern Poland. With the advent of WWII, Jacob and his family try to flee, but are intercepted and transported to Kazakhstan. With cleverness and some luck, they survive the hardships and ultimately return to the starting point after the war with the ambition to go to Palestine. Working their way through many difficulties, they reach their goal in time to see the State of Israel born. The turns in the path to survival are many; Izzy tells the tale in an accessible, conversational way that makes one want to find out more. The translator, Ruth L. Hohberg, is a grandniece of Izzy; she met him in Jerusalem in 1954. His notebooks came into her possession in the late 1990s.

Amazon purchasing link:  Witness and Survivor

Beyond an Album - by Bob Kiang - $9.95

This is a Dad’s intimate account of watching his daughter grow up. These short essays chronicle her development - mostly in her formative years - from Battle with Cheerios when she was seven months old, to her jubilant celebration of her acceptance to a university when she reached age 18. Undoubtedly, many of the episodes, such as her first step, her first words, her fist swim competition, are familiar experiences of most parents, but the contemporaneous and vivid descriptions will surely resonate with many of the parents, and particularly, the grandparents.

Amazon purchasing link:  Beyond an Album

Bits of S & T - by Bob Kiang - $9.99

From the Author: As an engineer, I have always been interested in Science and Technology. Towards the latter part of my career, I found myself drawn to a variety of science-related topics. For instance, my interest in cosmology got a boost after I read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time; and my interest in DNA started with a chapter on Genetics in my daughter’s high school textbook. These diverse fields are quite removed from my own field of expertise, which is aerospace engineering. My engineering background meant I was able to probe deeper into a subject, beyond what one normally reads in news reports. As I read more on each of those topics, I realized that I would likely to forget many of the details I had learned a few years down the road. That was when I started writing these short notes with the intention of preserving my own memory. From time to time, when I shared some of my writings with a few close friends of mine, they encouraged me to consolidate these notes into a book. Since the topics covered herein spread over a wide spectrum, I had a hard time coming up with a title for the book. Eventually, I settled on the present title: Bits of S&T – Science and Technology. The word “Bits” is actually quite appropriate. When I embark on the study of a specific subject, I search the internet for relevant information, be it news reports, popular science articles, government publications, or even scientific journal articles, then try to fit the bits and pieces together to enable myself a better understanding of the subject. I am hoping the reader will reap similar benefits. The book is not meant for a reader to read from cover to cover. Each note is essentially independent of the others. Treat it as a magazine and pick whatever strikes your fancy.

Amazon purchasing link:  Bits of S & T

Letters to Iceland - by Kris Kissman - $15

Kris grew up in the tiny fishing village, Siglufjörður, on Iceland´s north fjords where Mamma ran a pool hall and raised eight daughter and a very spoiled son. Daily visitors at her house told fortunes and ghost stories for entertainment. The family was forced to flee to the south coast of the island after the herring was depleted and no one could afford to play pool or gather in the family kitchen to tell ghost stories and tell fortunes. Some of the sisters ventured further south, to America, where Kris began her career as a motel maid, then journeyed up the career ladder across eight states and so many universities.

Amazon purchasing link:  Letters to Iceland

Postcards to Iceland - by Kris Kissman - $15

Kris grew up in the tiny fishing village, Siglufjörður, on Iceland´s north fjords, where her mamma ran a pool hall and raised eight daughters and a very spoiled son. Some of the sisters ventured further south to America, where Kris began her career as a motel maid, then journeyed up the career ladder across eight states and many universities. Postcards to Iceland gives a glimpse to this life in the form of poems where Kris shares decades of her thoughts and feelings about life growing up in Iceland, and then life in America. These poems are true nuggets of Icelandic gold!

Amazon purchasing link:  Postcards to Iceland

Legacy - by Dwane Koppler - $7.99

Can one spiritually-inspired sermon on love lead to lasting world peace, transforming life as we know it?

This is the question posed in Legacy, combining generational stories to show how humble beginnings can change the world, even to the point of co-creating life on another planet.Dwane shares his inspiration to answer the question, planting seeds of universal peace and unconditional love. 

Purchase link coming soon...

Journal of Destiny - by Kay Larson - $15

As a young mother lays dying, her lifeblood draining away from an arrow in her side, she scribbles in her journal what happened to their wagon train. The last page of the journal sets in motion the future of her baby daughter, who was stolen away during the devastating raid. The baby, Olivia, given the Indian name Pale Moon, was the only survivor of the raid; nurtured by her Indian family, she thrives. One day, a man comes riding into the campground searching for a child he had read about in an old journal. The writer pleaded with whoever read the journal to find her baby and return the child to her grandparents in Boston. Eventually, Pale Moon leaves with him to live and learn in the white man's world. She becomes Olivia again, and throughout her lifetime remains loyal to her first family and their plight.

Amazon purchasing link:  Journal of Destiny

A Cruise Between - by Jeanne Marie Olin - $14

The sun in the Caribbean was warm as the Green Duchess set sail on a leisurely cruise from the Port of Ft. Lauderdale to the Port of Los Angeles. The Duchess would sail south over the Atlantic Ocean, float through the docks of the Panama Canal between the two Americas, then northward over the Pacific Ocean. On board, her diligently trained international crew served and entertained her passengers. As Jessie and Joe boarded the Duchess, they looked forward to a trouble-free vacation. Jessie intended to use the sea days to outline her mystery novel. How could she know, as she gathered data for her work of fiction, that a real conspiracy would take place and that the Duchess would lose a passenger while at sea? Conspiracy, murder, human trafficking, drug dealing and sweet romance are all part of this fast-moving novel. Don't miss this sailing!

Amazon purchasing link:  A Cruise Between

Dear Jude - by Jeanne Marie Olin - $14

It’s the 1960s. Jessie has always dreamed of traveling. Her adventures take her to San Francisco where the Beatles have “invaded” and civil rights are front page news. Jessie loves her new home in the City by the Bay and has the dream of finding true love there. But everything is not as perfect as it seems... Dear Jude is the debut novel from Attorney-turned-Novelist Jeanne Marie Olin (and first fiction title from Great Spirit Publishing). Find out if Jessie becomes the next victim or finds the love of her life in this coming of age historical fiction story that will entertain and keep you guessing! Please allow two weeks for delivery after order confirmation. Price includes shipping and handling.

Amazon purchasing link:  Dear Jude

The Paris Connection - by Jeanne Marie Olin - $14 

Dominique Dubois and Daniel Fox are young and in love, in Paris. Then, the way life happens, they find themselves growing apart and  going their separate ways, even though they don’t really want to be  apart. Years pass. They live their lives on opposite sides of the world. Decades after first falling in love, life conspires to bring them together again, through a wonderful and unique friendship between Dominique and Jessie Anthony. But before Dominique and Daniel can be brought back together, tragedy strikes in the form of a terrorist attack in Paris, involving Dominique’s former companion Andre. Will her  relationship with Andre keep  her from being able to visit her friend   Jessie in America? If she doesn’t come to America, will there be any chance she will ever reconnect with her beloved, long-lost Daniel?

Amazon purchasing link:  The Paris Connection

The Strawberry Wine Club - by Jeanne Marie Olin - $15

Jessie Anthony is at it again, continuing her sleuthing adventures in this sweet mystery that involves human trafficking, kidnapping, and murder! Can Jessie and the ladies of the Strawberry Wine Club connect all the dots in time to save young Lee and her brother from the dangers closing in around them all? The real Strawberry Wine Club of Pacific Grove formed in 2014 when a group of ladies in this beautiful small town found they shared a love of mystery, adventure, philanthropy, spirituality, and fun. They started meeting to participate in sparkling conversation, sparkling wine and water, and a bit of Strawberry Wine from a rare French recipe.

Amazon purchasing link:  The Strawberry Wine Club

Bones Finds a Home - by Maureen "Moe" Paccione - $12.95

This delightful story and illustrations by Maureen “Moe” Paccione tells the story of how an abused and neglected dog named Bones was rescued and found his forever home. Please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmation of order payment received.

Amazon purchasing link:  Bones Finds a Home

Howler’s Nose Knows - by Maureen "Moe" Paccione - $12.95

Join Howler as he follows his nose to solve a mystery! Using his keen sense of smell, Howler follows clues through the forest, sniffing, sniffing, sniffing, until he finds his target! Then he journeys home to show off his prize, much to the delight and relief of his Human Momma! Come along with Howler, whose nose knows how to seek out special scents and save the day!  Story and illustrations by Moe Paccione.

Amazon purchasing link:  Howler's Nose Knows

The Bread Board Legacy - by Sylvia Richardson - $12.99

In January, 2010, the author, with her brother and sister, moved their mother into an assisted-living apartment. They cleaned out her house and placed her household items in storage. The author was elected to gather and organize the family memorabilia and papers pertaining to their genealogy. She became interested in researching the life and times of her ancestors and even discovered an unknown branch of the family. An old bread board, given to her by her maternal grandmother, became the inspiration for this fictional story of a bread board passed down through seven generations of women, with their stories. Some customs and events from her own family are woven into the narrative.

Amazon purchasing link:  The Bread Board Legacy

MIND According to Logos - by A. Irving Rosenberg - $14

In 1980, Irv Rosenberg made his first contact with Wanda Sue Parrott, and they have been corresponding ever since. Irv says: “I owe Wanda my gratitude for having introduced me to her Dialogues with Logos that continued over the years. Information from ‘Logos’ has expanded and enriched my experience and knowledge in the fields of psychology, physics, and the metaphysical realms. Many others, such as Eileen Garrett and Jane Roberts, first had to go into a self-hypnotic trance and lose consciousness in order to allow a higher entity to speak through them, while they themselves were unaware of what was going on. In Wanda's case, she is completely alert while engaging in mental conversation with her Logos entity. She proposes intelligent questions and meaningful responses to the information Logos provides, so particular answers to questions that I, Irving, have submitted, are given an intelligent and often remarkable response.”

“Logos” says, “you and I are closer than you realize. I am like a being behind a door and you are like a being before the door. I am within, in communion with the Deep. You are outside, and cut off from communion with the Deep... "You may rest on this, and we shall proceed with discussion of particulars when you are again ready to knock, and the door will be opened, ask and you will receive, and as I have spoken to you, so may each seeker of light so receive when the child approaches the father (masculine) within and listens to the Voice, The Logos. "Many are called but few are chosen, for the simplest truth is: few choose to ask. Belabor yourself not with guilt and doubt, but rejoice, for you took the step. You knocked. Now, rest. Our body has work to be done."

Amazon purchasing link:  Mind According to Logos

Diarma – by Michael Staley - $15

On the surface, Alexander Christos is a seemingly upwardly mobile young professional rapidly approaching middle age. But scratch beneath the surface and what is exposed is a soul that is emotionally, mentally, and spiritually burnt to a crisp. He’s done. And he wants out… all the way out. But then, in the very process of fashioning his own demise, something intervenes. That “Something” is about to breathe new life – and death – into him. Lured to the Island of Diarma, Christos believes it a near-Utopian advanced living state. But it proves to be no Utopia at all; rather, an arena that employs a methodology that is at once brutal, merciless, and magnificent. In the spirit of John Fowles’ The Magus, Michael Staley’s Diarma will take you on a trip that will stretch the bounds of your imagination. In the process, it lays out a very interesting and feasible blueprint for mankind’s “Next Step.” Reality… is a Place, a state of mind in which you live, thrive, and grow…

Amazon purchasing link:  Diarma

Loki and Simba – by Michael Staley - $15

Everything is the result of Cause and Effect. The Cause: In the early 1900s, a man is accused of murdering another man for killing a wolf. The accused man responds, "No, I did not murder a man who was about to kill a wolf, I killed a man who was about to murder a wolf... an entire family of them." The heinous climax of the ensuing trial sets the stage for The Effect manifesting itself some eighty years later in horrendously grisly murders throughout the Northeast. A parapsychologist and a cop, with the help of a handwritten log dating back to the time of the infamous trial, painstakingly unravel the mystery and in the process come to fully comprehend that "when you dance with the devil, you don't get to lead."

Amazon purchasing link:  Loki and Simba

Banking on Murder – by R. M. Zurkan - $15

Dina, a bank manager for the largest bank on Long Island, New York, has been murdered. Her murderer remains at large. Dina's elder sister is certain that Dina knew her murderer; she applies for a job in the same bank so she can meet the people Dina knew and try to figure out which of them killed her. Dina hinted that something illegal was going on at the bank. Her sister now wishes she had listened more closely but, as Dina disapproved of her life style and her marriages, she mostly tuned her out. Now, too late, she knows that her sister was right. Suspects abound – the customers: a dentist who brings in diamonds to use as collateral, stones that turn out to be fake; his battered wife; a woman from his past who bore him a son he never knew; and the bank employees – the bank manager who has a crush on the sexy credit officer; his neurotic wife; a teller with a guilty secret; a guard with a hidden past. Dina’s sister sets a trap and risks getting caught in it herself. The motive is money, an employee conspiring with a customer in an unholy scheme to swindle the elderly out of their homes. When Dina found out about it, someone decided she had to be stopped.

Amazon purchasing link:  Banking on Murder

The following books werewritten by, edited, or contributed to by WANDA SUE PARROTT:

Automatic Writing - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $6.22

(published by Sherbourne Press, first edition 1974)

Ever wonder how you can tap into a creative stream of inspiration or become a channel for inspired writing? Learn how by reading this guide by an experienced writer skilled with harnessing the energy of the unwritten word and bringing it to life.

Amazon purchasing link:  Automatic Writing

The Boondoggler’s Bible - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $14

Fighting “city hall” is no fun. If you’ve ever had a legal encounter with a government agency—be it city, county, state or federal—you know how frustrating bureaucratic red tape can be. You can’t change city hall, whether you are trying to do business with it or are employed by it, but you can change your attitude. A positive attitude can stave off broken relationships, premature stroke or even death due to unnecessary agency-induced frustration. This little book is the result of my own survival technique, and I hope it helps you win against city hall in your own case. This is a general overall look at standard operating delay tactics known as boondoggles, so you must creatively adapt your own approach to fit your own problems and situation. Boondoggles are not confined to city hall. Such stall-and-delay techniques are operable on all levels of society, including in one’s personal family life. They are summarized by the old advice given by experts on etiquette about answering ticklish questions: Don’t say yes; don’t say no; say maybe—and then never give a final answer. Or, to put it more bluntly: Keep them waiting until they go broke, give up, move on, lose interest, or die. Whether you win money is not the point; coming out of your ordeal with a sense of humor, good will and health are paramount. So, since there’s a strong chance you, too, are the victim of boondoggling, or will be in the future, let’s get started. Enjoy the challenge. It could save your sanity and life, just as it did mine. The secret is to practice this old adage: If you can’t fight them, join them. In other words, learn as much as you can about the Boondoggle Game and then use that knowledge to your own advantage. To be or not to be a Boondoggler? That is the question!

This fun book by Wanda Sue Parrott just might help you win your fight with City Hall!

Amazon purchasing link:  The Boondoggler's Bible

Death of Bigfoot (VJ Schultz) - $10

(contributing author) (published via CreateSpace Platform, first edition, September 13, 2013)

Amazon purchasing link:  Death of Bigfoot

Gifts of the Great Spirit – Vol. I – Wanda Sue Parrott, co-editor - $15

Tribute to the "Unknown Namesake," an unidentified elderly Native American woman captured on photo-film in 1910 by photographer Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952). Curtis traveled North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries preserving the end of the age of free indigenous life through still photography, recordings of languages, and books. While her name remains a mystery to us, we identify with her through the Great Spirit that unites all and honor her as an individual and as a representative of a lost way of life. Thus, the goal of this work is preservation of Native American customs, beliefs, teachings, languages and other facts through the poetry, song lyrics, fiction, and non-fiction contained herein. Additionally, the 2010 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate Winner Dr. Carl B. Reed and two White Buffalo Calf Award winners, Barbara Youngblood Carr and Dr. Charles A. Stone, are featured for their 2010 winning contributions.

Amazon purchasing link:  Gifts of the Great Spirit Vol. I

Gifts of the Great Spirit – Vol. II – Wanda Sue Parrott, co-editor - $15

Gifts of the Great Spirit, Vol. II, is packed full of interesting ideas, thought-provoking questions, heart-mending answers, and a lot more each time you re-read it. We encourage you to read with an open mind and perceive what the Great Spirit may be saying to you through these words. Inspiration comes in many forms; we find offering the literary challenge invites the Creative Muse to awaken and ponder, what if….? What if it happened this way? What if I looked at it that way? The Great Spirit knows no boundaries to the creation unfolding beneath its power. Great Spirit Publishing is proud to work with the Amy Kitchener Fdn./Wanda Sue Parrott, with assistance by Yvonne Londres, to bring you these unique poems and stories from over 45 writers. We don’t intend to prove any of them; we don’t have to. The Great Spirit has spoken, and the reader will have to be the judge as to what he or she is willing to entertain in the realms of possibility.

Amazon purchasing link:  Gifts of the Great Spirit Vol. II

Gifts of the Great Spirit – Vol. III – Wanda Sue Parrott, co-editor - $15

Traditionally, the dream catcher has been a Native American symbol for safety and protection. The dream catcher is a beautiful and artistic ornament featuring a circle, intricate webbing, and leather or feathers hanging from the circle. It was placed above one’s bed and legend says the webbing would catch the bad dreams and not allow them to disturb the dreamer sleeping beneath the dream catcher.

Focusing on positive, spiritual, and inspiring attributes of the Great Spirit, we challenge you to look at the dream catcher in a new light. The Dream Catcher of the White Buffalo as a symbol of what the Great Spirit can do for you.

Additionally, the winners in the 2012 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate poetry competition are featured, including the 2012 Native American Poet Laureate Neal "Badger Bob White" Whitman, and Buffalo Calf Award winners Dr. Charles A. Stone and Cindy Bechtold.

Amazon purchasing link:  Gifts of the Great Spirit Vol. III

Gifts of the Great Spirit – Vol. IV – Wanda Sue Parrott, co-editor - $13

This edition of Gifts of the Great Spirit features the winners of the 2013 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate poetry contest.

Contributors to the "Legends" Literary Challenge were asked to look at the Native American Indian silhouette (featured on the front cover) and ask themselves "Who is he? Where is he? What is he doing? When is it? Why? What is his message, if he has one?"

The result? Contributions of poetry, prose, and non-fiction, featured here in a unique format not found anywhere else.

Amazon purchasing link:  Gifts of the Great Spirit Vol. VI

Golden Words 2012 – Wanda Sue Parrott, co-editor - $15

This is the 19th volume in the Senior Poet Laureate series sponsored and produced by Wanda Sue Parrott.

Amazon purchasing link:  Golden Words 2012

Golden Words 2013 – Wanda Sue Parrot, co-editor - $15

This 20th edition (21st Anniversary) features the 2013 Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition Winners from across the country, including Biographical Sketches of Winners and Names of First-Round Finalists.

The 21st Annual Search for a National Senior Poet Laureate and Honor Scroll winner was sponsored by Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn., Monterey, California USA.

This is the final edition of GOLDEN WORDS as produced by the creator and sponsor, Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn.

Amazon purchasing link:  Golden Words 2013

Guruji’s Secret Love Sound – by Wanda Sue Parrott - $14

Visiting my 89-year old uncle in his nursing home was never pleasant, but it was outright tragic one day when he literally floated down the hall in a happy daze. He had been given a pill known as a “mood elevator” to counter his depression. He was dangerously “high.” I was saddened, knowing the trend once kicked off by the counter-culture of the late 1960s and 1970s—getting high on drugs—had finally become so legal that even the elderly could be victims. I realized how lucky I was. An ancient guru from India taught me to remain harmoniously balanced by abstaining from drugs. All I needed was his prescription: air both inhaled and exhaled as he breathed to live a healthy, very looooooooong life. And so, I knew it was time to share his secret so others may also reap the benefits of his splendid wisdom. Thus, this booklet is shared with you in the spirit of freedom.

Amazon purchasing link: Guruji's Secret Love Sound

How to Build a Penny Pyramid - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $15

Volume I in this Shortcuts to Success Series:  Seed Coins in a Nutshell

Based on John D. Rockefeller's money secrets (his secret prosperity system for planting one-cent seed coins and reaping $100 cash yields), Pythagorean geometry, and symbology of the Great Pyramid, this creative money management system is safe, easy, and legal. It never fails to work for those who work with it. It turns dull life into an adventure!

Amazon purchasing link:  How to Build a Penny Pyramid

How to Enter and Win Poetry Contests - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $15

This compact book is bursting with tips and techniques to help you become an award-winning contestant in poetry contests. Includes grammar and formatting advice, poetry forms, examples, and more from award-winning poet, writer, and journalist Wanda Sue Parrott, sharing secrets gleaned from 50-years of writing and teaching-writing experience.

Perry Terrell, Editor/Owner of Conceit Magazine in San Francisco, CA, says, "Wanda Sue Parrott has captured every literary avenue available for writers to enter poetry contests with confidence of winning. This publication is of quality and a poetic creation that is both enjoyable and educational to read."

Amazon purchasing link: How to Enter and Win Poetry Contests

How to Try Your Own Case in Court – and Win! - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $55.02

(co-author) (published by Galde Press, Inc., first edition May 1, 1997)

Written for the layman, this easy-to-understood book is the key to a successful day in court. It leads you from the basics of preparing a case to the advanced skills necessary for shining in court. Complete with tips on organizing research and preparing evidence, this informative and practical guide will transform the courtroom novice into a judicial dynamo.

Amazon purchasing link:  How to Try Your Own Case in Court – and Win!

A Rosicrucian Mystic’s Prayer - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $9.99

A mystical interpretation of The 23rd Psalm and The Lord's Prayer, The “Mystic’s Prayer” was first published in the “Spiritual Spotlight” section of Golden Tymes newspaper (Los Angeles), July, 1982. Wanda Sue Parrott has been a Rosicrucian since April, 1963. In 1984-1985, she served as Master of San Fernando Valley Lodge, AMORC. For the past quarter-century, she has been a member of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross and the Order Militia Crucifera Evangelica (OMCE).

Amazon purchasing link:  A Rosicrucian Mystic's Prayer

There’s a Spirit in the Kitchen - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $7.37

(co-author) (published by Galde Press, Inc., February 2001)

This is the most unusual cookbook in the world: a collection of delicious recipes and practical kitchen tips as dictated by the spirit of a woman who died over 100 years ago.

Amy Kitchener, patriot, housewife, and spirit, communicated the manuscript to the authors in the early 1970s, producing a book full of useful, tasty 19th-century foods and tips as appropriate today as they were then.

The late Jackie Dashiell and Wanda Sue Parrott were professional journalists with the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner when Amy manifested to both of them separately and demanded a hearing. This book is the result. Wanda now lives in Monterey, California, where she continues her prolific free-lance writing career and social activism.

Amazon purchasing link:  There's a Spirit in the Kitchen

Trail of Tears - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $15

Revised Edition of Springfield Soliloquy – The Trail of Tears – Missouri: Introducing the Spirits of Five Osage Hunters and The Grand Father 


Wanda Sue Parrott believes this poem, which netted her $91,000, is the highest-paid single piece of poetry by any living poet throughout civilization's history, including Shakespeare. It is so controversial that the author, unable to get a literary review, threatened to sue city hall in order to gain publicity. She read the poem at literary conventions, in libraries, and on street corners.

Set in the heart of lands which temporarily housed various  Native  American  tribes  as they were pushed west during the land expansion of the early 1800s, this updated version of the book reveals for the first time how seven male Native Americans from different tribes appeared in spirit form and helped Wanda Sue Parrott build and win her matter.

This is a public-service pot boiler in which the antagonist is the home site where Cherokee Indians may have camped during the federally mandated relocation (genocide) of 1838-39, when the Trail of Tears passed through Missouri en route to the so-called "Nations" in Oklahoma. The appearance of an Unknown Indian poet's spirit, and Wanda Sue's revelation she had a Chickasaw ancestor, make this poetry book a living literary marker along the historic route on which Wanda Sue Parrott is known literally and literarily as "The Last Indian on The Trail of Tears." Her active one-woman stand against city hall, which began in August 2000, ended with acquisition of her house by the City of Springfield on February 2, 2009.

Limited copies may be available to order from the author by contacting Wanda at amykitchenerfdn@hotmail.com. Price includes shipping and handling. Please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmed receipt of order.

Truth or Dare - by VJ Schultz - $10

Wanda Sue Parrott, contributing author)

(published by Green Shoe Press, first edition October 31, 2013)

Amazon purchasing link:  Truth or Dare

Undercover Love - by VJ Schultz - $10

Wanda Sue Parrott, contributing author

(published by Green Shoe Press, April 23, 2014)

Amazon purchasing link:  Undercover Love

Validiva - by Wanda Sue Parrott - $18

(pre-order status – pending agent release)

The following books were written and/or edited by

Barbara Quin:

101 Affirmations to Help Heal and Change Your Life Now! - by Barbara Quin - $Free$

Guidelines on how to use affirmations to help heal and change your life - 101 pre-written affirmations you can use - or use them as guides to create your own.

This is a FREE resource – PDF available upon request to the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com

Appreciating Life Brings Peace and Happiness - by Barbara Quin - $2 (e-book)

Achieving more appreciation in your life will help you experience greater calm, more unconditional love, and an enriched sense of contentment in your life almost immediately. The prosperity and other blessings that come along the way are just icing on the cake! (e-book in PDF format – contact the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com.)

Amazon purchasing link: Appreciating Life Brings Peace and Happiness

Blessings by Divine Design - by Barbara Quin - $14

We are designed, or programmed, to express the Body of Spirit; the impulses and drives that move us to want certain things are our signals or signs of the physical counterpart to the spiritual component.

There is a Divine purpose in wanting physical things and wanting to enjoy this physical life. That’s why we’re here – but our experiences become so much more rewarding and revealing when we understand we are Spirit: Being and that every time we experience something on a physical level, it is God or Source that experiences it, so naturally God/Source will want to have the best experiences possible in order to enjoy Its existence. After all, who doesn’t want a more Divine and Wonderful Life?

Utilizing the Art of Visionization through the techniques of Mental Mapping, you can create the life of your dreams and fulfill the Divine Law of Spirit Expression!

Amazon purchasing link:  Blessings by Divine Design

God’s Time Capsule – I Resolve! - by Barbara Quin - $Free$

Printable e-book to help you set and achieve goals and desires, in cooperation with “God’s timing.” Make a commitment to yourself by Resolving to go after your dreams!

(e-book in PDF format – contact the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com)

Healing for My Whole Life - by Barbara Quin - $5

Print version $5; e-book (PDF) is Free.

Printable full-size e-book resource based upon six-week class/workshop presented by the author. Use the worksheets to identify where blocks may be in your life keeping you from your desires, and then rewrite your life by identifying what you want to experience. (e-book in PDF format – contact the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com.) (print version coming soon)

Keeping the Faith - by Barbara Quin - $2 (e-book)

People have to have hope. Hope is something that dwells within us - it cannot die. But it can be buried and ignored until you think it doesn't exist. Keep your faith alive by keeping hope alive in your life. (e-book in PDF format – contact the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com.)

Amazon purchasing link:  Keeping the Faith

my little book of blessings - by barbara quin - $Free$

This is a FREE e-book resource based upon the scriptures, quotes, and inspirations contained in the companion journal, my little book of blessings and prayers.

Available upon request to the publisher at greatspirit publishing@yahoo.com.

my little book of blessings and prayers - by barbara quin - $15

A resource to help you capture blessings and grace in your life, to record special prayers and thanksgivings. Room for two months-plus journaling.

Amazon purchasing link:  my little book of blessings and prayers

my little book of blessings, too - by barbara quin - $10

Be blessed by the quotes and scriptures contained here, created especially for you! Enjoy coloring and doodling to relieve stress and revive creativity! Carry with you to receive encouragement and inspiration anytime you need it!

Lulu purchasing link:  my little book of blessings, too

my little book of gratitude, blessings, and prayers (coil bound)-by barbara quin -$14.95

my little book of gratitude, blessings, and prayers, with "Color Comfort" and "Doodle Dreamer" pages, provides you the opportunity to write out your gratitudes, blessings, and prayers, and also to express yourself by coloring the images provided and adding your own creativity by doodling in the open spaces. Use it as a journal or as a daily planner. Write your own words, copy those you love, be inspired by the quotes and scriptures provided, color within the lines - or not! - or create your own doodles to help relax away stress, fear, or anxiety, or simply for the sheer joy of the activity.

Lulu purchasing link:  my little book of gratitude, blessings, and prayers

my unity journey (coil bound) - by Barbara Quin - $16

Attention Unity/New-Thought Friends...Anyone who likes to Journal / Doodle / Dream... "my unity journey" prayer and gratitude journal You can use it as a journal or planner - about 200 pages worth of space just waiting for your creative expression! Write - Doodle - Draw - Color! This very Special Edition journal is perfect for writing down your gratitudes, prayers, dreams, plans, goals, master-minding steps, ANYTHING that helps you express the desires and dreams of your heart! Lots of space for writing and extra "color comfort" pages created just for coloring and doodling! This prayer and gratitude journal was created especially for UNITY OF SPRINGFIELD, with all proceeds benefiting UoS. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY! ORDERS now being taken - only $16 each - contact me for details or contact the office at Unity of Springfield. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Lulu purchasing link:  my unity journey

Shadows of Remembrance - by Barbara Quin - $12

The lives of six people are woven together in a web of obsession and deception. Battered, soft-spoken Jane longs to be free from her abusive past and believes she has found the love of her life in Brandon. At the same time, Crista is also in love with Brandon until she discovers an unforgivable liaison. Tragedy brings changes to all their lives, giving Crista’s father Frank despairing hope for his daughter. Jane befriends Jack, an amnesiac who wakes up from a coma, but something is not right. Roger watches all from afar and calculates the day he will get what he wants, while Crista seeks true love with handsome Dr. Kevin. In an attempt to claim Roger’s long-cherished love, expose the lies, deception, and dispel the shadows, these six people are brought together in a climactic end that will reveal the truth at last, but will any of them survive?

Amazon purchasing link:  Shadows of Remembrance

Spirit Dancer - by Barbara Quin - $15

A Collection of Spirit-Inspired writings including articles and poetry created to celebrate the Spirit that Dances in All of Us. The following writers have contributed to this inspiring collection: Elizabeth Bottorff, Rev. J. Douglas Bottorff, The Late Clara R. Hawes, Lou Houston, Dwane Koppler, The Late Joyce O’Neal, Wanda Sue Parrott, Ronald D. Phelps, D.C., Barbara Callahan Quin, The Late Aurora Rosci, Conetta Taylor, The Late Robert Taylor, and The Late Ben Tindall.

Amazon purchasing link:  Spirit Dancer

The Stream of Well-Being Flows Through Me - by Barbara Quin - $12

(full-color) Inspirations to help you get in the Flow of your Spiritual Good.

This beautiful full-color interior, full-size journal has plenty of space for you to write your affirmations and dreams as you reclaim your Wholeness in Spirit.

Amazon purchasing link:  The Stream of Well-Being Flows Through Me

A Valentine for Carole - by Barbara Quin - $9

Carole Payne has led a life devoid of love, always standing outside, looking in at the love her heart yearned for. She watched others fall in love and follow their dreams, telling herself she was better off without loving relationships in her life. Then one night, Carole takes a journey to a place of magic - a place that will challenge her beliefs to the very core, but is it real or was it all a dream? Will it be enough to change her outlook on life and love forever? Will she be strong enough to face the truth about her own opinions and beliefs about love? Can she get past the hurt of the past and find her way to embrace love available to her now and in the future?

Amazon purchasing link:  A Valentine for Carole

A White Soaring Bird - by Barbara Quin -$9

Grandmother teaches the village children about life through stories. One story is about Little Crow Walking Eagle who longed to soar high in the sky, but she was afraid. The Great Spirit, disguised as True Heart, spoke to her in a dream. Did Little Crow Walking Eagle learn to release her fear? Did she ever learn to fly? (includes original line drawings by the author, suitable for coloring)

Amazon purchasing link: A White Soaring Bird

Where’s Your Focus? - by Barbara Quin - $2

We can be a light unto each other - lighting the path for our brothers and sisters on Planet Earth when their own paths are darkened for a while. The only thing permanent in life is change and the more willingly we accept that - like the yielding branch of the willow tree to the breeze - the more gracefully we will be able to move through life. (e-book in PDF format – contact the publisher at greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com.)

Amazon purchasing link: Where's Your Focus?

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